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Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Promotion movie

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger vol.8 Opening movie


  • Following the Heath Oslo incident, the existence of the US-Japanese anti-terror organization CIRS has become a matter of public knowledge. CIRS has been rebuilt from the ground up, and its most covert functions spun off to a new agency: SORD (Social Ops, Research & Development).

    The goal of SORD is to train a new generation of operatives to defend the country against future threats. To that end, the organization has established a series of schools up and down the country. Mihama Academy, more-or-less left to rot after its abrupt closure, has been given new purpose as one such 'specialist training school'.

    This new incarnation of Mihama Academy is home to a diverse group of students, who every day work to polish their unusual skills - sometimes on the job. Mihama now entrusts the misfit girls who attend it with guns and live ammunition. Paying their own safety no heed, these students are again and again plunged into dangerous extrajudicial missions - all for the good of the realm.

    "We've been granted a place in the world.

    That alone isn't enough - there wouldn't be any meaning in living, if that was all we had...

    It's not enough just to get by on the backs of others. I live by my own strength, and I fight to survive.

    Because only the survivors among us belong with the living..."

    No matter how much life grinds them down, what future awaits these girls, who've themselves chosen the path of the gun?

  • 5:30 AM - U__ Harbor, K__ Prefecture.
    A VIP arriving from abroad mysteriously disappears in transit. The SORD team at Mihama Academy are presented with a new mission: finding and recovering him.
    Whenever they appear to be closing in on this missing "package", though, it somehow slips through their fingers.

    Before long, the team's thrilling chase descends into a deathmatch, pushing the combatants to their limits and beyond. Rena and Haruto, meanwhile, are taken on a journey deep into the past, to their first ever encounter.

    "What are you good at?"

    "I'm just a crybaby and a wimp... All I can do is kill..."

    "Do you plan on buying me...?"

    "If the price is right."

    Did Haruto really show Rena the path to salvation? Or is she on the road to hell...?

  • While Rena and Maki recover from their injuries, the other SORD members jet off overseas for a school trip.
    Within moments of their arrival, though, the Mihama gang are pulled into a manhunt for a SORD deserter, assisted by students Sylvia and Velvet of St. Aile's International School.
    Tohka's the star of the show this time round, but she's wrestling with her own issues – old memories of her parents, and a promise to a friend that she wasn't able to keep...

    "You're right. There's a reason we need to get back... even if it means crawling home on our hands and knees."

    "You're right. There's a reason we need to get back... even if it means crawling home on our hands and knees."

    And introducing Sengoku Ayame - Sengoku Ichiru's brother, and a handler at St. Aile's:

    “If taking her in alive's too much of a challenge, just get rid of her - I don't give a damn. I simply want to see this mess cleaned up.”

    What answers will Tohka find? She has the truth in her sight...

  • Kumashiro Megumi (Gumi), recently transferred from St. Aile’s International School, has been training hard together with Rena and Maki – now fully recovered from their injuries. With the help of her mentor, Tohka, she’s shaping up to be a fine sniper.
    Just as one new student settles in, another has her sights set on joining the girls in Class A, Mihama’s elite combat unit. Her name? Sengoku Taiga. Haruto, the team’s handler, has one condition for Taiga’s transfer: that Chris serves as her supervising officer.
    The two seem an unlikely pair at first, but after spending some time with little Taiga, Chris soon finds a way to see things from her perspective.
    It’s at that moment that the nation is suddenly rocked by a terror attack on an unprecedented scale. Chris rushes to the scene, aware of what’s at stake, but paying no heed to the dangers ahead.
    Just as she did, once before.

    “This is even worse than we could’ve imagined...”

    “Two of the guys are dead! What happened? What the hell happened!?”

    “Y’know what it means to bring nukes into the country...?”

    “It’s scary, shooting someone for the first time... My legs are shaking.”

    “That fool... Is she trying to ruin everything!?”

    The death toll keeps on rising, but SORD are stuck watching helplessly from the sidelines. What destiny awaits Chris, Taiga... and Mihama Academy?

    “Oh, right... I must have died...”

    The death toll keeps on rising, but SORD are stuck watching helplessly from the sidelines. What destiny awaits Chris, Taiga... and Mihama Academy?

  • A few weeks have passed since SORD successfully resolved the Kitaoka University terrorist incident - albeit with some sacrifices - when Murasaki's older sister Yuuki returns to Japan to rejoin Class A.
    Being more sociable and capable than her sister, Yuuki immediately befriends the other students and builds a trusting relationship with them.

    "There's no reason for me to be at Mihama anymore..."

    As Murasaki starts questioning her raison d'etre, she reminisces about the time when she first met Haruto.
    Lamenting his lack of experience, he had come to her village hidden deep in the mountains in search of new skills.
    Where could he find this supposed "secret art" that is said to have been passed down for generations...?

    "I'll never forgive you...!!"

    "It's okay... Don't worry... I'm not... going anywhere... I'm here with you..."

    "I'm stumped... It's exactly as she said - and there's no way to cut a phantom..."

    "Come on. Chin up... Show me your courage..."

    Their fateful meeting was also the beginning of a tragic story...

    "Won't you... give me the order to kill my sister?"

  • With nowhere else to go, Arisaka Shiori took a job at Mihama Academy. Now, three months have passed since she started her somewhat special position as a teacher at the "school of assassins". While she has tried her best to adapt to her new surroundings - and it seems like her students have finally accepted her - her teacher evalution is not quite so agreeable.

    "She's, uh, unusually modest, and a bit clumsy. But she's sincere, and she tries her best at everything she does..."

    "I think she makes a great teacher, but that alone isn't going to keep her at Mihama."

    Arisaka sees this harsh dose of reality as an opportunity to take an objective look at herself, delving deep the truth through conversations with her students. However, a certain nightmare continues to plague her like an illness...
    A girl, whose family has been branded murderers, closes her heart like a cocoon...

    "I'm so scared..."
    "So scared of the outside world."
    "What should I do?"
    "How can I convince them to leave me alone?"
    "What did I do to deserve this? Please, forgive me..."

    Soon the time will come for Arisaka to make the biggest decision of her life.

    "Do you still wish to continue in this job?"

    Which world will she choose to live in...?

  • Aoi Haruto is a handler at Mihama Academy. To him, today is just another normal day, but the others can't help but notice that his behaviour seems a bit unusual. Seeing Haruto like this spreads a feeling of unease among the students of class A.

    It's the day when Haruto, along with Sengoku Ichiru, Ukawa Chihiro, and the other members of the first generation of Phantom Triggers go to visit the grave of one of their old friends, located deep in the mountains.

    There sleeps Haruto's master - Aoi.

    The group makes this journey every year, and their car is filled with playful banter at first. But as they approach their destination, they're overcome by silence and regret, as the memories of the life of Aoi - a young woman so vicious, and yet so pure - return once more.

    "If ya don't feel upset 'bout yer loss, yer better off quittin'. If ya don't enjoy the experience you've gained today, then yer not suited for the job."

    "Can't ya say that 'bout almost anythin', though? It all depends on the person an' their values."

    "He's just too nice - he's not suited to be a killer..."

    "Hey! Haruto, stay with me! Ya really gonna die on me here?"

    "Can I have my smokes back now, Master...?"

    Life is passed from one generation to the next.

    "All matter eventually breaks down, and all life eventually dies. Entropy - that's all there is to it."

    What events led to Aoi's final moments in this world...?

  • As daily life goes on unchanged, the girls continue to sharpen their fangs in silence.
    Even Haruto seems to be preparing for an inevitable showdown, as he takes up his sword again.
    Echoing voices call out to them from far away.

    All units of SORD and CIRS are summoned for a mission of unprecedented scale. Their enemy: the religious organization "The Fatal Answer", or "TFA", where Enishi and Kuroe eagerly await a climactic confrontation.

    Meanwhile, Arisaka Shiori finds herself in two minds. As a teacher and staff member, and as a human being, should she allow her students to jump headfirst into this battle, or should she forbid it? Their fate lies entirely in her hands...

    "Do you not have anything you'd want to protect no matter what, even if you had to kill for it?

    "This small notebook will probably end up serving as a memento of my life."

    "Keep in mind that this lesson will save lives one day!"

    "If there was a child fighting for the enemy, would you shoot them?"

    "I hope you won't regret this..."

    "It can't be any worse than to regret doing nothing."

    What sort of scenes will Arisaka be met with on the battlefield, where sparks of conflict are flying left, right and center?

    "I've already gone through hell and back several times, so I figured that nothing could be worse... But now I realize that the levels of 'hell' I've been dragged through weren't even all that hellish."

  • At last, an all-out war is at hand.

    The battle against the religious organization, The Fatal Answer (TFA), has entered its final phase, with CIRS and SORD preparing to send all of their troops into TFA's stronghold.

    The battlefield soon descends into total chaos. Black rain pours down, civilians become desperate for water, and shots are fired at friend and foe alike. Not even the trenches are safe from the anti-aircraft guns TFA employs, the explosions bombarding the combat zone that the girls are tasked with invading. Such a feat is not unlike invading the depths of hell itself. The underground base is quickly being suffocated by gunpowder, and the dark forest that surrounds the battlefield reeks with the stench of death. But both contain within them the faint yet tenacious flames of life; will those flames be able to withstand the harsh realities of war?

    This must never, ever be repeated again...

    "Listen up, everyone! Final equipment checks!"

    "Yeah, there's nowhere to retreat to."

    "Is it okay to kill them?"

    "We can die happy."

    "Thank God! I'll never let you go again!"

    "Life itself is war..."

    "Prepare for close-quarters combat!"

    "Holy crap! Look! They're charging right at us!"

    "They've completely lost their minds..."

    "Well then, I guess it's time to end this... What are you going to do, Enishi-san?"

    The girl places her finger on the trigger of fate...

    "Why... Why do you fight?"


  • A gunwoman who's charged with shooting on Haruto's behalf, due to his personal distaste for firearms. Rena's a lively girl, amiable and warm in her dealings with just about everybody. She's tall and well-proportioned, her limbs smooth and powerful. She makes sure to stay healthy and active.

    Rena has a strong sense of responsibility, and tends to be quite cautious; she's always scanning the environment for threats. Her loyalty to Haruto, her 'Master', and the docility she demonstrates around him, are most notable.

    However skilled Rena is physically, she struggles quite a bit in the classroom. When told off, she quickly grows timid; she has a good appetite for learning nonetheless, and responds well to praise.

    She favors an M1911-style pistol, and lets loose about two hundred rounds every day.

    Rena also has a tendency towards obsession. Once she develops an interest in a handgun, she can't make do with any other weapon until the heft of that particular gun is ingrained in her senses. Though law enforcement agencies having summarily dismissed the superiority of .45 ammo, Rena obstinately persists in using it, even going so far as to get lightweight bullets specially manufactured by the school gunsmith.

    She has a motorcycle license, and when she's feeling particularly ravenous, she'll often sneak out in the middle of the night for ramen.

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  • A sniper. Her mother is German, her father American. Growing up, Tohka learned self-defense techniques and riflery from her father, a former soldier, and his comrades; she was the youngest ever winner of a shooting competition in her hometown. In the wake of her mother's death, she spent two years attached to a PMC (private military contractor) alongside her father.

    She can be extraordinarily belligerent, and sometimes breaks into outbursts of violence. She is, in short, a classic tsundere. Though infinitely curious about the world, she has a pragmatic side, too: she won't tolerate any nonsense. She possesses a measure of shrewdness and inner strength that belies her cute, childish exterior.

    Whenever she was left home alone as a child, Tohka would shove a shotgun in the face of any cold-caller who came knocking; she's since become known for her shyness around strangers. She tends to take an instant dislike to anyone she meets. She's clearly desperate to be regarded as a friend by others, though, however little effort she exerts in this regard herself.

    She's basically pretty bad at making friends. She also has a bit of a complex about her small stature, and it's to compensate for this that she tries to act all grown-up.

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  • An explosives and computer specialist, born in Shanghai to British parents. Of the 148 students at Mihama Academy, Chris is ranked eighth in terms of test scores, and she's ended up in charge of helping the rest of the class with their studies. She comports herself well around other people, and ordinarily seems quite meek, but she's said to become genuinely scary when she's angry.

    Just like Haruto, Chris isn't too fond of guns, and generally refuses to carry one. In fact, her standard-issue handgun is a defective model that ought to have been returned to the manufacturer, and that doesn't appear to bother her in the least.

    She used to wear her beautiful blonde hair down past her shoulders. When she was in elementary school, though, she accidentally set off a bomb in the school toilets, and singed her hair; ever since then, she's kept it short.

    A helpful girl who's proficient in every kind of household chore, Chris is something of a den mother to the other students: she prepares meals in the student dorm, cleans her friends' bedrooms, and does their laundry. She also has rather poor eyesight, wearing contact lenses almost all the time. Only in the brief moment between her waking up and washing her face will you find her in glasses.

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  • A self-proclaimed 'Russian ninja', Murasaki's actual heritage is shrouded in mystery.
    She makes all sorts of claims about her 'ninja skillz', including her certification as a 'master ninja'.

    Her real forte is disguise, and she takes on a lot of missions involving stealth and infiltration; her calling-card is the .22 subsonic ammo she always uses. Alongside easily concealable weapons like small-bore automatic pistols and her kunai, or Japanese dagger, Murasaki's fond of katana swords and rifles.

    Her personality can be difficult to pin down; she rarely displays her true feelings in front of others, and obviously has fun saying weird things to confound other people. Even during the summer, she wears a long scarf around her neck to signal her ninja identity. At first glance, it looks like the kind of scarf a normal female student might wear, but it's actually woven from a mix of aramid fiber and synthetic protein, making it both bullet-proof and fire resistant.

    Murasaki's been friends with Haruto since she was a young child, and loves him like an older brother. Or could her adoration for him be something more?

    She ranks third in close-quarters combat, her ferocious speed losing out to Haruto's skill and Rena's raw strength.

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  • AKA “Soul Speed”; earlier known as “Bucks”. She wields four Glock 26s, and goes by many aliases.

    Maki is strong and well-built, making her handy in a fight. She picked up her aggressive streak at Hollow House, the training institute for assassins where she spent much of her childhood. She was later sold to a Russian crime syndicate, making herself useful to them as both contract killer and bagman.

    Though wary of others and very quick to anger, Maki’s actually remarkably naïve. Ever the rebel, she can often be found on the back of her Suzuki GSX-R, but her most treasured possession is an old Swiss watch.

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  • A sniper who once belonged to the SORD unit based at St. Aile’s International, Mihama Academy’s sister school. Her main weapon is a Blaser R93. It’s said that once Gumi has you in her sights, there’s no escape - hence her nickname, “Mystic Eye”. Back in her St. Aile’s days, she used to worship upperclassman Ariizumi Shiho, who served as her spotter.

    Gumi behaves like an old-school war veteran, and tends to adopt a ludicrously single-minded approach to her duties. Burning with a powerful sense of justice, Gumi takes a hard line against unscrupulous behavior; the harshness of her rebukes can come as quite a shock.

    Her special skill is speed eating, and she won’t be beaten in this by anyone.

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  • First cousin to Sengoku Ichiru, and an elementary student in Mihama Academy’s sapper school. Taiga’s always lived a pampered life, having grown up as heiress to the Sengoku estate. She’s a quick-witted and intelligent girl, as evidenced by the fact that she’s already passed her university entrance exams.

    With all the expectations heaped on her, it’s only natural that Taiga should come across as a little arrogant. This is one of the reasons why she tends to keep her distance from other people - though she’s quite happy on her own. Rena calls her “The Milquik Master”, following a serendipitous encounter back when she first arrived at Mihama.

    Taiga is intent on participating in activities that are usually closed to children of her stature; she cares little for age restrictions, nor other people’s opinions of her. Eventually her persistence pays off, when Haruto finally heeds her request to join Class A.

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  • Murasaki's older sister, and a Ninja Master of the same rank. She returns to Mihama after having been away to work abroad for an extended period of time.

    While she has many acquaintances of all shapes and sizes, she doesn't appear to have anybody she can call a true friend.
    A cheerful girl with a mischievous side, she stands out due to her carefree behavior. She openly expresses her affection, which makes her come off as a bit easy, but this is merely a façade to hide her true nature.

    Her weapons of choice are a suppressor-equipped Bulgarian Makarov and a Kalashnikov (AKS-74U).

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  • The unfortunate new homeroom teacher at this unusual school, who really has no idea what she's gotten herself into.

    An extremely earnest young woman, she can end up letting people walk all over her in her efforts to accommodate them. She's perhaps best described as 'unassuming' - or, more to the point, 'cowardly'. She wouldn't look out of place as a nameless NPC in some generic role-playing game. She doesn't have much luck at work; she's the type to end up causing a huge calamity, and then get caught out straight away by her superior.

    According to Arisaka herself, she was equally unlucky as a kid - she's always drawn the short straw. Sometimes it can genuinely seem like she's cursed.

    Other than that, though, her life is pretty ordinary. Mundane, even. That can seem like a breath of fresh air somewhere like Mihama Academy. Like everyone else, she appears simply to have drifted into the school.

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  • A former CIRS agent who now serves as a tactical instructor at Mihama Academy, and as a handler to the school's students. Though he looks young, he has a great deal of experience on the field, and he still has lots of friends on CIRS' current roster.

    Haruto radiates warmth and gentility, but this has left him an object of teasing at Mihama - the girls under his charge tend to treat him like he's just another kid. He can also be pretty tight-lipped about his past. Some of his memories are in fact rather vague, and there remain lots of gaps in his work history.

    Gunplay really isn't Haruto's strong suit. He doesn't often succeed in striking his target (though some people believe this apparent ineptitude to be a deliberate ploy on his part).

    He has little interest in food, and will usually make do with just a salad.

    Haruto will often issue strategic commands on the battlefield, but he rarely finds himself standing in the trenches. He uses a sword, but not one made in the Japanese fashion; it would certainly be a bit of a stretch to call it a katana.

  • Thanks to her background, she has a lot of pull with the upper echelons at CIRS. It's rumored that in the course of her work for the organization, she's come to learn the weaknesses of many of her fellow agents ? this may have been a key factor in her "retirement" when the organization was restructured.

    A report at this time detailing the gap between the American and Japanese intelligence services in terms of both efficacy and intelligence-gathering capabilities inspired Sengoku to create SORD (Social Ops, Research & Development); she then used her dismissal as an opportunity to establish herself, and SORD, as a leading force in tactical development.

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  • Nogami has worked as Sengoku Ichiru's assistant ever since her time in CIRS’ Special Medical Division, and she continues to uphold that role at Mihama Academy.

    While brilliant, she also possesses several personal faults that get in the way of her day-to-day life. Case in point: the fact that her room is always such a total mess. Haruto thinks of her as a sort of surrogate older sister, turning to her first whenever he has issues that he's reluctant to discuss with Principal Sengoku.

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  • A gunsmith in Mihama Academy's second-year mechanical engineering class. An expert in both metalwork and plastics, Yamamoto handles almost all of the firearms and ammunition used by Mihama students, whose guns are updated with new QR tags every time she carries out maintenance work.

    Every now and then you can find her zoned out and thrashing away at her air guitar, while a thumping beat blasts through her headphones.

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  • Twin sisters, and students at one of SORD’s other campuses, Keihin Sakuragaoka.
    The two agents hail from Alaska, where they used to assist the security services in cracking down on drugs and weapons smugglers and the Russian mafia.
    It seems that the younger of the two, Choco, was once good friends with Rena.

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  • A handler at SORD’s Keihin Sakuragaoka campus, Ukawa is responsible for instructing Vanilla and Choco.
    He used to work for CIRS, and even served in the same unit as Haruto.

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  • Sengoku Ichiru's younger brother, and the eldest son of the Sengoku family. Though a handler at St. Aile's, in charge of Sylvia and Velvet, he's also a complete recluse; he hardly shows his face in public.
    Even more outspoken than his sister, he usually comes across as haughty or just plain rude.

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  • Members of St. Aile’s SORD team. Sylvie and Vel are third years, and therefore upperclassmen to Gumi and the others; as older students, they are allowed to wear nuns' habits instead of regular uniforms. They work as a pair during missions.

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  • A reserve student and shooter in Mihama Academy's CIRS division, also known as the "Phantom Triggers" back in the day.
    An upper-type assassin from Hollow House, Aoi was given to her master, Sengoku Ichiru, as a gift when she left her family home. As she graduated from Hollow before the regulations were tightened, her generation is seen as one of the most dangerous - maybe it would be more accurate to call her a tool of "national offense," rather than "national defense."
    She often tried to resist her "brainwashing" by disobeying her master's orders, which tended to cause her great agony.
    Her full name may seem like a joke, but Aoi liked it because it was easy to remember. She ended up looking after baby Haruto whenever Ichiru entrusted him to her.

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  • A former member of the Phantom Triggers, the organization that evolved into SORD, who doubled as the team's instructor and handler.
    His main job was to teach his students the skills they needed to prevent them from being killed in action. While he's normally a calm and collected thinker, it is rumored that he's seriously scary on the battlefield.
    He never bragged about his accomplishments on the field, though he could be quite talkative when he was off the clock.
    As the only responsible adult on the team, he is the only father figure that Haruto has ever had.

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  • Kuroe was a reserve student at Mihama Academy's CIRS division, also known as the "Phantom Triggers" back in the day. She also acted as Enishi's personal bodyguard and secretary. While she is a Hollow graduate from the same dangerous generation as Aoi, the clever and quiet Kuroe is classified as a "downer" type.
    She's extremely loyal to her master Enishi, and doesn't have much interest in anything else.

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